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Residency Programme

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Mille Bostedt and Alex Gorghe


Unga Dramaten is part of the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and exists to create performing art for children and young people between the ages of 3–16. We strive to make brave, innovative and generous art that puts children at the forefront of the experience. We believe that high quality performing art is important at all stages of life and aim to present newly written works to our audiences. 

Unga Dramaten wants to act as a springboard for emerging artists, but also to make room for experienced artists to further develop their artistry. We aim for this Residency to act as a platform where new meetings, exchanges and artistic exploration can take place.  
The Writing Residency for young audiences is a newly launched programme aimed at professionals working within the performing arts or academia who want to explore an idea, question or theme for children and young people aged 3–15 years old. 

The residency takes place 21 May–12 June 2024.

We asked Mille Bostedt and Alex Gorghe to present what they will do:

My name is Mille Bostedt and for the next three weeks I have a writing residency at Unga Dramaten. I'm writing a play for middle school and want to use the realistic sci-fi genre to explore the theme of transformation. The play is about two thirteen-year-olds who hack evolution and succeed in creating a transhuman luminescent bird, through which they change the view of humanity forever. The play revolts against the limitations that humanity has created for itself and opens up the dream of becoming something else. A longing that grows out of the characters' anger at the world that previous generations have created and from an inner feeling of not fitting into their own body or the conventions expected of that body.

My name is Alex Gorghe, I am a Romanian playwright and in this residency I am working on a text about a group of young people who believe that the state of the world we live in is so bad that there is no hope in sight. They try to accelerate the end of the world by committing acts of terror.