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About the play

Available 29.01.2021, 19.00–24.00 CET

Climate change remains our most urgent issue. But while the diagnosis is simple, the solution appears complicated. Last year’s »Fridays for Future« demonstrations where schoolchildren around the world gathered to protest against the climate emergency have not achieved the breakthrough that was hoped for. This protest is now taking on a new form. The bitter conflict between morality and financial interests is also described by Henrik Ibsen, whose drama »An Enemy of the People« is in no way inferior to contemporary discussions about the implementation of urgently needed measures to protect the environment. Director Volker Lösch and author Lothar Kittstein have therefore decided to over-write this environmental classic from 1882 for today’s stage. Inspired by young environmental activists from Düsseldorf and together with actors from the ensemble they examine the complex relationship between the climate crisis, resistance and defence of the status quo. The story is moved to – where else? – the »most beautiful city on the Rhine«, whose Mayor has successfully secured subsidy for a new factory to build electronic cars…


Minna Wündrich / Mayor
Glenn Goltz / Husband
Cennet Rüya Voß / Daughter
Charlie Schrein / Son
Claudia Hübbecker / Editor
Jonas Friedrich Leonhardi / Works Council
Rainer Philippi / Managing Director
Philipp Alfons Heitmann / CEO

Climate Activists: Esra Atanasova, Nora Beisel, Lena Berghaus, René Boddice, Sara Lin Chen, Kester Elfroth, Nathanael Evers, Emma Fuhrmeister, Janna Gangolf, Sina Göttmann, Gesa van gen Hassend, Jan-Moritz Hoffmann, Greta Kolb, Oskar Lüttmann, Emilio Maestro, John-Frederik Reeg, Linus Reimann, Rebecca Roche, Juliane Sattler, Hanna Lei Shen

Author: Lothar Kittstein
Director: Volker Lösch
Stage and Costume Design: Carola Reuther
Choral Director: Sandra Bezler
Video: Robi Voigt
Dramaturg: Janine Ortiz

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