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About the play

Available 31.01.2021, 19.00–24.00 CET

A family is falling apart on stage. At such points of crisis there are no good or bad, there are just opposing intentions, unfulfilled needs and a lot of repression. In the story of Nora and Helmer’s marriage, besides the overwhelming restrictions that the pre-set roles of a marriage entail, lack of self-knowledge and the lack of freedom is what leads to divorce.
The set of problems that Ibsen’s play deals with, especially the situation of women, has changed a lot in most part of Europe. However, when something changes in the legal sense, it does not necessarily affect society immediately. An idea suddenly gives start to a progress, but human behaviour changes at a slower pace. The way people think, feel and make decisions may follow similar patterns as 140 years before.
This rewritten version of A Doll’s House has been staged by Kriszta Székely, young director of the Katona József Theatre, and won the Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Award in 2017 (‘best actress in a leading role’ for Eszter Ónodi and ‘most promising young talent’ for Székely) as her debut work after graduating from University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest. #freeszfe


Eszter Ónodi / Nora                           
Ernő Fekete / Helmer                             
Tamás Keresztes / Krogstad                 
Gergely Kocsis / Rank

Direction: Kriszta Székely                                   
Stage Design: Juli Balázs                               
Costumes: Fruzsina Nagy                       
Lights: József Pető                             
Music: Flóra Matisz                           
Dramaturg: Ármin Szabó-Székely             

Katona stage version written by Ármin Szabó-Székely and Kriszta Székely, based on László Kúnos’s translation

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Bonus material