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Monologer från europeiska teatrar ger en bild av Europa under pandemin.

Hur ser vardagen ut för de som måste jobba vidare när allt är vänt upp och ner? Sjuksköterskor, städare, taxichaufförer och andra personer från hela Europa som arbetar i olika samhällsbärande funktioner får här tala fritt ur hjärtat om en ytterst ovanlig tid. 

I korta monologer framför skådespelare de intervjuades personliga och existentiella berättelser som bearbetats av dramatiker. 

Ett internationellt samarbete mellan teatrarna i nätverket Mitos21, initierat av Dramaten. Digital premiär 12 juni. 

Monologues from European theaters paint a picture of Europe during the pandemic.

What does everyday life look like for those who have to continue to go to work, when everything is turned upside down? Nurses, cleaners, taxi drivers and people from all over Europe who work in various community-carrying functions can in this project speak freely about this extraordinary situation.

In short monologues, based on the interviews, actors perform these personal and existential stories, adapted by local playwrights.

A collaboration between the theaters in the international Mitos21 network, initiated by the Royal Dramatic Theater, Stockholm Sweden. Digital premiere 12 June.

Barcelona – Teatre Lliure

A witness of the pandemic in Spain.

Berlin – Berliner Ensemble

Der Zweifel / The Doubt
Report from a doctor about the ethical problem of triage.


Berlin – Deutsches Theater

Coffee and Biscuits
Heike tells about her work in a local bookshop that has been opened during the entire lockdown thanks to the classification of Berlin´s Senator of Culture: book trade has officially been declared as systemically relevant.

Budapest – Katona József Theater

I Am at Least Doing Something
Volunteer in the Cataclysm.

Copenhagen – The Royal Danish Theatre

Hands On
The government is reopening of society and a preschool director no has to create a safe environment for the children, while handling the concerns of parents and staff in a time of global crisis.

Copenhagen – The Royal Danish Theatre

Whatever the Authorities Say
Barred from seeing her dying grandmother, a young woman reflects on her loss to the pandemic and her desire to see her grandmother off in a fulfilling way.

Hamburg – Thalia Theater

Cigarette Break
Interview with an employee in the supermarket.

Hamburg – Thalia Theater

Coffee Break
Interview with a nurse in a residence for people in need of assistance.

Hamburg – Thalia Theater

Lunch Break
Interview with a social worker for young people in precarious situations.

London – National Theatre

Forgotten People
The manager of a care-home for vulnerable adults faces the terrifying new world she's working in, and looks to a deeply uncertain future.

London – National Theatre

Beyond the Plastic Sheet
A consultant microbiologist reflects on loss, future hopes, and how the pandemic changed her job.

Stockholm – The Royal Dramatic Theatre

I´m on Forced Medication
A man who is on forced medication loses his job in the Covid19-crisis and gets time to reflect.

Stockholm – The Royal Dramatic Theatre

The Sickest Patient
A patient with severe leukaemia is rejected treatment because that the doctors suspect that he might have Covid-19.

Turin – Teatro Stabile di Torino

The Stone Face
Simone is a taxi driver. Since the streets are empty, he likes his job better.

Turin – Teatro Stabile di Torino

The Phone Call
Alba sells life insurance over the phone, she lives alone and has been working from home since lockdown.

Turin – Teatro Stabile di Torino

The Rabbit Hutch
Salvo is a policeman who doesn't understand why Italians have such a hard time following the rules.

Vienna – Burgtheater

Border areas
A Hungarian surgeon working in Vienna makes the first lung transplantation worldwide on an Austrian Covid-19 patient.